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Amazon FBA & Walmart WFS Prep Services!

Welcome to 614 Prep, your trusted partner in streamlining e-commerce logistics. From Amazon and Walmart to TikTok Shop, Etsy, and Shopify, we handle fulfillment with precision and care. With our expertise, scalable solutions, and commitment to excellence, we empower online sellers to focus on what they do best—growing their business. Experience seamless order fulfillment and exceed customer expectations with 614 Prep.

Fast Turnaround Time & Excellent Communication!

Tired of working with prep centers that you can never get ahold of and takes WEEKS to ship out your inventory? 614 Prep is your solution!

We have over 6 years of combined E-commerce prep experience and understand every requirement Amazon & Walmart has.

We strive to send out atleast 2 shipments a week for each of our clients to either Amazon or Walmart.

If you’re shipping direct to your customers from TikTok, Etsy or Shopify we make sure each shipment is packaged properly so it can safely arrive to your customer.

Easy communication is our top priority. We will set up a group chat for you to get ahold of us and our team quickly. Any questions or concerns you have at any time you’ll be able to get ahold of us.

Call or email us at anytime between 8am – 6pm EST to inquire about working together and you will get an immediate response.


Pricing Plan

TikTok Shop, Etsy & Shopify

  • Storage Pallet $40
  • Return Processing $2.00 +.50 per extra unit
  • Pick and Pack fee $2.50

    (Which includes listed boxes or poly mailers)

  • Bigger size Box An extra fee +.50

    Per extra item in the same box.

  • Promotional Insets .20 cents
  • Bubble Wrap .20 cents


614 PREP



Single Item



Bundle 2-5 Units



Bundle 6-10 Units



Kitting (2 Different Items)



Bubble Wrap Per Unit (Extra Charge)









Return to Supplier





Small Box


Medium Box


Large Box


Each Pallet


Extra Large Poly Bag (Over 12x15)


Pricing Plan

TikTok Shop, Etsy & Shopify


Monthly Pallet Storage


Return Processing

$2.00 + $0.50 per extra unit

Pick and Pack fee


Box Bigger Than 6x6x6

Additional fee of $0.50

Promotional Inserts


Bubble Wrap



( All prices are subject to change depending on prep requirements )


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